Water Range

Our products

We are more than happy to inform our most valuable customers & partners as much as future & existing, the currently, Blue Lagoon Mineral Water Trading company is selling the following products:

Pet Bottles

1.5 L
(12 Pcs./ 1 Cartoon)
500 Ml.
(24 Pcs. / 1 Carton)
330 Ml.
(24 Pcs. / 1 Carton)
250 Ml.
(24 Pcs. / 1 Carton)

Returnabe Bottle & Cups

5 Gallon
200 Ml.
(30 Pcs. / 1 Carton)
125 Ml.
(40 Pcs. / 1 Carton)

Blue Lagoon Mineral Water Trading is proud to offer our customers & partners good prices on a very competitive level in comparison to our competitors. As well, we are at all times interested to reward the loyalty of our clients with special prices, discounts, special offers & promotions. Not only we want to gain and maintain our customers loyalty but we are interested to gain new customers and expand our sales and delivery markets. Further more reason for which, we currently have on going a special promotion for our coupons.