About Us

Blue Lagoons

Blue Lagoon Mineral Water Trading company is a fully integrated mineral and plain water distributor. Also our company provides products, services and consultancy water related.

We provide mineral & plain drinking water products & related services to our loyal customers in the UAE market area, particularly in the following market zones: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Also we distribute and deliver water to corporate and non-corporate clients. We are currently and constantly looking into all possibilities of extending our business and become in future the largest water distributor & service provider in the UAE. Our target is to become globally known for our high end water products and services but currently, we are more focused on the UAE water market.

Blue Lagoon Mineral Water Trading is a new company of water distribution and delivery in the UAE and particularly, Abu Dhabi market zone. This advantage allows us to come with a new & fresh vision and approach towards our loyal customers, suppliers and business partners. We offer new and fully integrated products and solutions water sales & distribution related. We have rapidly gained strong & long term contracts and partnerships with important clients in Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE. Not only we managed to gain good and important market segments in the clients area but we expanded and developed efficiently and rapidly regarding our suppliers and partners list.

Blue Lagoon concepts

  • High quality & standards products & services
  • Efficiency, Reliability &Trust wordiness towards our suppliers, clients & business partners
  • We are a strong believer in the "Customer service excellence" concept
  • Personalized service & consultancy with regards to water distribution & delivery of our products & services
  • Excellent post delivery & distribution customer service assistance
  • Customer rewards for loyalty & partnership consisting in: special offers and promotions, generous discounts, vouchers, new products and prices, etc.

Why should you choose Blue Lagoon water ?

Best Services:

At Blue Lagoon we believe in service quality. Further more reason for which we hire the most qualified staff in executive and non-executive positions for our company. After employment we ensure to train our staff properly for all our operative functions and invest in their professional & mental preparation for the job at hand. After we have completed the full training cycle for our new staff, we engage and encourage our key employees to manage and train others. Particularly related to our service & delivery activity we are fully prepared and equipped with new vehicles in very good condition. Also our staff is very professional, communicative & friendly, plus fully informed & ready to share with our existing & potential clients their knowledge related to the water field. We at Blue Lagoon are pleased to inform you that our service & water delivery is free of charge & we as well offer to our potential & future customers the best products & flexibility regarding delivery quantity & delivery time. You can change your initial delivery time with your most convenient time & delivery day and our team will be more than pleased to be at your service at your convenient time. As well, we at Blue Lagoon believe very much in customer service and customer satisfaction and strive to offer to our most loyal customers very professional and personalized service according to the customers needs and requirements.

Competitive Prices:

At Blue Lagoon we invest enormous amounts of time & money as well as energy in our quality products. But at the same time, we try our best to maintain a fair balance between our costs & quality investment we are making and the prices we are offering to our customers. Our Blue Lagoon Executive Office team members are fully trained and have more than 10 years of experience in the water business and we are as well fully aware of the prices extremely high currently offers by our competitors. We are pleased to inform our existing & potential loyal customers that we offer currently very competitive prices and an excellent rapport quality / price. We at Blue Lagoon want our customers to enjoy our products at the best quality and at the lowest cost in terms of price rates. Once you will try our Blue Lagoon water, you will never want to exchange our product with any other water, particularly with the water brands currently existing in the UAE. So kindly feel invited to enjoy our high quality products & services today itself!

Best Product Quality:

We, at Blue Lagoon invest & believe allot in our service & products quality. For us quality means everything. We sell & deliver the best water, with a low sodium level compared to our competitors, with balanced minerals composition which is tested and approved by the highest quality standards laboratories in Abu Dhabi. We are fully confident & convinced of our extremely high water quality. Further more reason for which we warmly recommend it to our clients intelligently and professionally at the same time. Try our water now, you will never regret it!

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally as a highly effective, efficient, professional and continuously developing water distributor company. Our goal is to be very well known and highly recommended for our excellent quality products and services world wide.

Our Mission

Provide an effective, excellent quality and high standards program conductive to:

  • Ensuring water distribution and delivery within the UAE commercial and noncommercial business area and as well, we aim to enlarge our markets and clients segments rapidly and effectively outside UAE business space.
  • Offering our existing and future clients the best water related services in terms of Customer Service Management, ensuring our customers voice is heard and listened to. We want to keep our customers always updated about our products, prices, special offers, vouchers and promotions. We aim to cater to every need of our customers and welcome any good advice and suggestion that can help us further assist them in a better way. We, the Blue Lagoon team, believe and build our products, services and customer service related programs in a way that will allow us to offer personalized service to our loyal customers.
  • Provide our clients specialized services and consultancy in terms of water purchasing, delivery, distribution and related services. Our team of water consultants will make a personalized and client oriented water offer considering the following criteria: corporate & non-corporate client; company size; water consumption volume & frequency, etc.